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Munich Indoor Skydiving - Flying in the wind tunnel



Who are we ?

FlyStation Munich is the new attraction in the north of Munich: a vertical and vitrified wind tunnel that allows everyone to fly. Let your dream come true and fly.  Our wind tunnel simulates a free fall and you have the same feeling as a real skydive from 5000m altitude. This activity is still very new but already attracting people of all ages worldwide. It is an unforgettable experience and the tunnel resembles a freefall simulator that is also called bodyflying ("fly with the body") or indoor skydiving - perfectly safe.

You can fly independently of the season (at any time +22 degrees) and enjoy exercising. Wind speed and temperature are adjusted to ensure the maximum comfort. It is an experience for the whole family and great fun for children and adults . You will be impressed by this adventure and experience the thrill of a human flight and the simulation of true freefall conditions in our vertical wind tunnel. We offer a comfortable lounge, video rooms, a restaurant and a café with an attendance stand where you can relax and review your flight. You can also contact us if you are interested in company events and teambuilding events. This sportive activity is also an original gift that pleases everyone! 

A bit of technical insights about this highlight attraction:

The airflow is generated by four axial fans driven by electric motors with a total power output of 1,600 KW. A sequence of turning vanes directs the wind into the flight chamber, forming a vertical column of air with a maximum speed of more than 300 kilometres per hour.

The original design of our 4.5 m diameter flight chamber, featuring a perfectly round shape and two levels of glass, make it possible to enjoy flights at all speeds. The walls of the flight chamber are absolutely transparent, which allows our guests to view the flights of friends and family members.

The FlyStation Munich wind tunnel by Tunnel Technologies is built with a strong focus on durability, reliability and safety. 

Come to see us at Flystation!


CAN I FLY? Yes, you can! Explore the offers available in our shop and schedule a session for your friends, family or colleagues.

We do have a few requirements, so please check the criteria below before scheduling:

  • minimum age is 4 years and no maximum age
  • flyers under the age of 18 years equire a signed permission from a parent or legal guardian
  • body weight must not be higher than 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • If you’ve experienced a recent shoulder, joint, back, spine, neck or heart problem, please consult your doctor and contact us before scheduling a flight

In general, you should should not fly if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have prior shoulder dislocations
  • are under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • have a dangerous heart or circulatory disturbance, or wear a pace-maker
  • have any acute injuries, communicable diseases or open wounds

What do you need to bring:

  • Clean, flat sport shoes with a non-colored sole that can be securely tightened. We will provide you with sneakers if you don’t have appropriate footwear.
  • Comfortable clothes – a daily casual or sport outfit.

What we provide you:

  • flight suit
  • helmet
  • protective goggles. If you wear glasses — no problem, we have special fitted goggles for you

If you are concerned about any of the above conditions, or need to consult a member of our staff, please do this before booking.



Flystation Munich, Bajuwarenstraße, Neufahrn bei Freising, Germany


Flystation Munich, Bajuwarenstraße, Neufahrn bei Freising, Germany

Things to bring

  • voucher
  • flat shoes
  • comfortable clothes


  • flying experience
  • flight suit
  • helmet
  • protective goggles
  • safety briefing
  • diploma


  • extras not listed
  • transport


  • Cancellations more than a week in advance only administration costs of 15%
  • Cancellation 48 hours prior to departure date: 100% of the total amount
  • No show: no restitution

Additional Info

Opening Hours

Monday       closed
Tuesday      11:00-22:00
Wednesday 11:00-22:00
Thursday    11:00-22:00
Friday         11:00-22:00
Saturday     9:00-23:00
Sunday       9:00-22:00